Live Video Stream form ARGO

                                During the MilleMiglia in Automatico Tour, thanks to the cooperation of TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile), offering the INTERNET.TIM service, ARGO will broadcast a live video stream to the Internet.

A standard PC, on board of ARGO, grabs sequences of images alternatively from a camera installed within the driving cabin and from the vision system that is used to drive the vehicle autonomously and compresses them using the JPEG standard. The images are sent to a remote workstation through two GSM channels thanks to two independent cellular connections.

The remote workstation (whose Internet name is MILLEMIGLIA.CE.UNIPR.IT) runs a Web server which can be accessed by any host on the Internet.

Please click here to see the live video stream, but be sure to check the time schedule: during non-trip hours we may transmit recorded sequences or you may find the camera unplugged.

ATTENTION: you need Netscape or Explorer 4.0 to view the live video stream.

The internet connection available on ARGO is via GSM channels. During the trip ARGO will pass through tunnels and mountain areas and the coverage of the GSM network is not assured for the complete trip. Therefore, you may find the video tempararily suspended for a few minutes in these situations. Please be patient.