The Output System


The output

The steering capabilities

The ARGO vehicle has autonomous steering capabilities: the result of the processing (position of obstacles and geometry of the road) is used to drive an actuator on the steering wheel. More precisely, the output provided by the GOLD vision system, such as the vehicle lateral offset, the vehicle yaw relative to the road centerline and the upcoming road curvature, are combined to determine the lane center at a given distance ahead of the vehicle. The steering wheel is turned to head the vehicle at that lane center point ahead of the vehicle. In addition, the information coming from a speedometer will be integrated to handle also changes in the vehicle speed.

Acoustic warnings

For debug purposes, the result of the processing is also fed to the driver through a set of output devices installed on-board of the vehicle. An acoustical device warns the driver in case dangerous conditions are detected, e. g. when the distance to the leading vehicle is under a safety threshold or when the vehicle position within the lane is not safe.

The visual feedback

Moreover, a visual feedback is supplied to the driver by displaying the results both on an on-board monitor and on a led-based control panel: the monitor presents the acquired left image with markers highlighting the lane markings as well as the position of the eventual obstacles, while the leds encode the offset of the vehicle with respect to the road center line.